Artistry of Rememberance

Attend this year’s Death Faire by the Abundance Foundation on Sunday November 5th in Pittsboro, NC.

cropped-ETE-Home-page2.jpgEarth to Earth is a place where you can find artistic creations for burial and remembrance of someone who has passed away from your life.  I am fiber artist, Julie Antone Moore, and I make burial art because I believe death is as natural and honorable as birth, and should be noted with care and distinction.  At Earth to Earth, I want each burial and remembrance product to be as unique and beautiful as the person they represent.

Each piece is made of fabric and sewn together with a combination of machine and hand stitching.  All of my urns come with an organic cotton drawstring bag inside.  The cremains are put in the bag, then it is tied in a specific way so that there will never be a spill or leakage.  The ashes can be stored in the urn permanently or they can be scattered or burried at a later date.

You may choose an urn from ones that are pictured on this site, or have one custom made from your loved one’s clothing.  Urns and keepsake boxes can incorporate jewelry, buttons, laces or other bits and pieces gathered from your loved one’s life.   My work is meant to mark the presence of a wonderful person in the world, my hope is that your piece of commemorative artwork will become a family heirloom for generations to enjoy.

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