Keepsake Boxes

There are lots of reasons to have a little keepsake box after someone has passed away.  Many families want to divide the ashes into small portions for each to take home or scatter.  Some want little boxes to match the urn to hold small mementos like house keys, special jewelry, locks of hair or notes.

These containers are also used as urns for the ashes of beloved pets.

Below are a few styles I’ve made.  Remember, each of my pieces is made to order.  The pictures are samples and the one you receive will vary in small ways.  I can also embellish your box with your jewelry, ribbon or buttons.  Simple Boxes can be made in any color, appx 5″x5″, $65.

Happy Little Box, 4" diameter x 5" tall (including loop).  $65

Happy Little Box, 4″ diameter x 5″ tall (including loop). $65

Lavender Pearls, 5"x6",  oval, $175

Lavender Pearls, 5″x6″, oval, $175

Red & White ribbon boxRed & White Ribbons, 5″x6″, $170

Black Ball Box, 5"x6", round, $195

Black Ball Box, 5″x6″, round, $195