Standard Fabric Urns

Simple, comfortable, like the clothes that you relax in on a Sunday evening, these urns, made of quilters’ cottons , are meant to hold the cremains in a casual embrace.  They can be made in any color you want.  Each one varies a little in size and shape.  But they are generally 7″ in diameter at the widest point and about 10″ tall.  Inside each urn is an organic cotton drawstring bag that ensures the security of the ashes.  The lid fastens on with lengths of hand-dyed organic cotton braid that can be tied in bows or simple knots.

These urns can be buried in a grave or interred in a columbarium–their soft fabrics mold to the shape of the niche.  For natural burial, this style can be made of 100% cotton which is completely biodegradable.

All standard shaped urns are priced at $220.00.   Below are a few color variations for you to consider.  For a more personal touch, these urns can be made using your loved one’s clothing at an additional cost of $55.00.

Deep Blue Standard Urn,

Deep Blue

Sky Jar, $220


Sunshine Urn, Standard Style, $220




Popular color variations.

Popular color variations.